When Kids Want to Quit: The Valuable Lessons in Sticking with Martial Arts (or Any Activity), Part 3

kids yelling "I want to quit"

As parents, we’ve all been there. Your child enthusiastically starts a new activity, like martial arts, with boundless energy and excitement. They wear their uniform with pride, attend classes diligently, and seem unstoppable. But then, the inevitable happens: they express their desire to quit. Suddenly, that uniform gathers dust, and the once-beloved activity becomes a distant memory. So, what should you do when your child wants to quit?

Part 3

It’s essential to remember that this situation isn’t unique to martial arts; it can happen with any activity. Whether it’s sports, music lessons, dance, or art classes, the quitting dilemma can be a valuable learning opportunity for both you and your child. Here’s why you might want to consider encouraging them to stick with it, even when the going gets tough:

**5. Respecting Authority:**

Instructors in martial arts are often seen as role models and authority figures. By continuing with the activity, children learn the importance of respecting authority, following instructions, and valuing guidance from mentors—a valuable lesson in any setting.

**6. Discovering Interests and Passions:**

Sometimes, children want to quit an activity because they’ve lost interest or because it isn’t the right fit for them. By sticking with it for a while, they can better assess their true interests and passions. This self-discovery can guide them towards activities they genuinely enjoy and excel in.