AKF Martial Arts Academy provides Martial Arts Classes For All Ages In Eau Claire.

Walk through this door. Change your life. AKF Martial Arts Academy in Eau Claire has been dedicated to providing Chippewa Valley families with more than just “punching and kicking” since 2008. We think of Kyuki-Do as a lifestyle. Classes develop: confidence, fitness, healthy eating habits, self-defense skills and so much more. This is done in a positive environment with students and instructors who want you to achieve your best!


We offer a variety of classes for all ages.


For younger children ages 4-6. Children will learn basic martial arts techniques and gain experience in a structured group setting.

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For ages 7 & up. Learn the fundamentals of martial arts and gain life long skills such as goal setting and healthy diet.

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All students ages 7 & up. Designed for those who want more out of their Kyuki-Do experience at AKF Martial Arts.

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For experienced students, the DELTA program is reserved for those who show not only the skill but the heart necessary to lead.

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Mission Statement

Quoted Message

AKF Martial Arts Academy of Eau Claire, WI (a member of the American Kyuki-Do Federation) is committed to providing professional, authentic, empowering martial arts instruction for people of all ages. 

We are dedicated to safety, personal defense, non-violent conflict resolution, fitness and health education, bully prevention, and to being a hub of positive thought and action in our community. Our mission is to contribute to and improve the quality of life in our city through the promotion and practice of the martial arts for physical and mental health, vitality, and to cultivate kindness and compassion for self and others. 


Studying martial arts is known to greatly improve the lives of children living with ADHD. Kids who lack focus, have excess energy and tend to act out, learn to channel those qualities into martial arts training.

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